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What Affects the Accuracy of Radar Level Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

Why low accuracy occurs when we use radar level gauge? Accuracy is an important factor to judge its operational quality. There are many factors that affect it. Today we are going to discuss the factors that affect the accuracy and the solutions:

1. When measuring the material level with the radar level gauge, the power of the electromagnetic wave signal source must be considered.

2. Liquid level fluctuation or foam scattering of the measured medium will weaken signal, so the power of the signal source should be increased or a waveguide should be added.

3. A powerful microprocessor should be used for complex signal processing. At the same time, avoid obstacles in the tank during installation.

4. Radar level gauge should installed by making the electromagnetic waves emitted by the antenna perpendicular to the liquid surface of the measured medium, and at the same time make the antenna receive as many reflected waves as possible from the liquid surface.

5. Choose antennas of different shapes and materials in different working conditions.

What Affects the Accuracy of Radar Level Sensors


In addition to the above-mentioned, there are also some faults that affect the accuracy of radar level sensors during use. Including, crystallization of the probe or antenna, especially in winter when the ambient temperature is low. For this, we can remove the crystals and clean them with acidic cleaning solution.

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