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What Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensors Do For You?

Aug 11 , 2023

New type ultrasonic fuel level sensors are widely used in oil, diesel and other types of industrial fuel tank level monitoring is known. More and more users agree that it is the best solution for the fuel tank level monitoring. However, with the migration of time, the diversified phenomenon of level sensors has misled the selection concept of a few people, so I think it is necessary to tell you the truth about the matter.

For some people, the ultrasonic fuel level sensor is a new type of non-contact sensor, which has not been certified by the patent technology in terms of stability, accuracy and technology, so it will be deviated from the ideal effect. In fact, ultrasonic fuel level sensor is not the so-called high-tech product, it is based on the common type of ultrasonic echo to measure the height of various liquid and solid materials and the concept of research and development, specifically designed for the industrial tank level measurement, so it has the function of explosion-proof. In addition, it's accuracy and stability have been tested by the market, the 0.25%FS precision and three-year warranty period have also been recognized by everyone, ATEX explosion proof certification has also been praised by everyone. Despite it's obvious advantages, it is more of a mechanical wave and should not be used in high voltage or current environments. At the same time, we should avoid using it in foam and steam medium.

Through the analysis of ultrasonic fuel level sensor, we clearly understand it's advantages and disadvantages, we only need to avoid the influence of external factors in the actual environment, it is the best scheme for fuel tank level monitoring.



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