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What We Benefit from Holykell Mass Flow Meter

Aug 11 , 2023

Mass flow meter is one of the common flow meters in current measuring industries , but the only type of flow meter that directly measures the mass.

Except the mass, mass flow meters can measure the temperature, density, percentage of oil and water, but also the accumulated and instantaneous flows at the same time, which is a challenge for part of other types of flow meter. And it is perfect for applications which require several parameters measured at the same time, with money, cost and labor saved.

What We Benefit from Holykell Mass Flow Meter

We will also benefit the highest accuracy from the mass flow meters among other types of flow meters, accuracy up to 0.1%F.S. Thanks to it, this flow meter is quite common in the trade settlement. Besides, it can measure both mass and volume of liquids and gases, including especially viscous and corrosive liquids, with the medium temperature of -50~350℃, of course, in some cases, types for lower medium temperature can be customized…

While mass flow meter might not be the best choice for a customer who has the budget concern.


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