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What We Benefit from Non-contact Radar Level Sensor

Aug 11 , 2023

Radar level sensor can be divided into such two types as non-contact radar level sensor and contact type radar level sensor. Each type has its own advantages and specific applications.

The Advantages of Non-contact Radar Level Sensor

What we can benefit from non-contact radar level sensors? Firstly it adopts non-contact measurement mode, which can avoid the corrosion and abrasion resulted from the medium, so the concern on the cleaning difficulty is eliminated and the service life can be extended. Sanitary industries benefit from it a lot.


                                                                            What We Benefit from Non-contact Radar Level Sensor


Secondly, the installation is easy, which is generally installed on the top. For example, if to measure liquid level in a tank, just leave a installation port on the top, which saves a lot of time and cost. Thirdly, it has no moving part, avoiding failures resulted from mechanical parts which might challenge some pressure level sensors. And frequent maintenance is not necessary, with related cost saved. Last but not least, its applicable range is wide, including solid and liquid measurement, without being affected by the pressure, vacuum, vapor, dust, wave and etc. And it can be easily moved to other places or occasions.

The only factor affecting people's final decision to choose a non-contact radar level sensor might be the cost since it is higher than other level sensors. While in terms of its wide application range, service life and accuracy provided, it is still a good choice worth a try.


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