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What We Benefit from Powder Level Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

Powder level sensors are used to measure levels of dry materials, typically powders. These level measurements can give output of a continuous reading of level.

What We Benefit from Powder Level Sensors

Most powder level sensors adopt radar measurement technology. As you may know that ordinary radar level sensors generally are suitable to measure high dielectric constant medium, like water, not for that of low dielectric constant. However, our level sensors dedicated for powders are 26Ghz high frequency radar sensors which are suitable to measure solids and low dielectric constant medium, like powder. And neither would they be affected by the property of the medium to be measured, nor disturbed by the environment factors, like temperature, moiture, humidity, or pressure change. In some areas, the temperature changes may be huge, and even condensation might occur, while these are not problem to our sensor.

                                                                                  What We Benefit from Powder Level Sensors

Except powders the powder level sensors can also measure other medium, like liquid, or other solid materials. And they have a wide application in medicine, food, beverage, wastewater, sewage and so on.


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