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What are Open Channel Flow Meter Used for?

Aug 11 , 2023

Some people may know little about open channel flow meters. They are actually ultrasonic flow meters to measure the fluid in the open channels or flumes, which belong to non-contact type of flow meters.


                                   What are Open Channel Flow Meter Used for?


As you may know that the open channel flow meter is not the only choice to measure flow rate, but it may be the most suitable choice for measuring liquids with viscosity in outdoor projects. There are generally thick liquids running in the open channels, like sewage, wastewater, so the first aspect when selecting such a device to measure flow rate is whether it can measure such medium without clogging or corrosion problem concerned. Such non-contact product has three obvious advantages that firstly no matter which kind of medium to be measured, it has no worry about device corrosion, blocking, cleaning difficulty, frequent calibration and maintanance. Secondly, unlike electromagnetic flow meters, it has no requirement on the capacity of medium to be measured and the shape of channels, regular channels, rectangle or triangle channels, Parshall flume, all applicable.

Last but not least, since open channel flow meters are used sometimes outdoors, reliability and long service life in such environment is the point. Such products specially used outdoors generally have a protective case which can well protect them from being weathered or againt water or dust ingress.

With so much advantages, open channel flow meters has a wide range of applications in wastewater treatment plant, sewage outfalls, city sewers or farmland irrigation.



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