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What is an input level sensor?

Aug 11 , 2023

Based on the technical extension of the level sensor, the input level sensor is the submersible water level sensor. In my opinion, this perception is very narrow. Because only from the measurement of a medium to define the level sensor, inevitably feel very far-fetched. Therefore, we should demonstrate the new definition of input-type level sensor from multiple angles, not just a kind of water level measuring instrument.


                                 What is an input level sensor?


A lot of research data shows that the causes of the input level sensor misunderstood sensor technology is that 30 years ago is still in a rapid development phase, the medium type less, no matter what kind of optimization design and stability of the sensor and not through rigorous testing and market inspection, resulting in part of the input level sensor, without a word of mouth. However, modern input level sensors have long been relieved of their shortcomings.

The new type of input level sensor can not only be used for measuring water pressure level and hydrostatic level, but also for agricultural irrigation. It is also used to measure the liquid level of a variety of industrial oils (tanks) in order to meet the requirements of measurement in a variety of medium. This good compatibility is due to the high precision diffused silicon core and corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel housing. After 5,000 helium leak tests and more than 30 years of technical optimization, it's stability is obvious. At the beginning of the design, considering the different use environment, the guide pipe in the cable will automatically compensate to measure the air pressure above, which can not only do RS485 and 4-20mA signal, but also customize the interface of USB and UART. Despite all its advantages, it's essence is a water level sensor. If you need to measure water in fuel, then this water in fuel sensor is more suitable for you.

Facts have proved that a comprehensive understanding of the input level sensor can not only understand it's real definition, but also help us to choose the correct input level sensor.


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