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What is food-grade ultrasonic level transmitter?

Aug 11 , 2023

Food hygiene has always been the focus of attention. However, the development of food-grade ultrasonic level transmitter provides effective protection for consumers, at the same time, it also provides the best choice for food processing plant liquid level measurement.

Food-grade ultrasonic level transmitters are designed for the measurement of liquid level in sanitary medium. Engineers originally designed this type of level sensor to compensate for the lack of submersible level sensors. In order to be used for the liquid level measurement of beverage, some submersible type liquid level sensors are equipped with sanitary flat film and 316L stainless steel material. However, due to the product design, the sensor probe must contact the medium to timely understand the change of liquid level information. The food-grade ultrasonic level transmitter completely realizes the non-contact measurement method. Therefore, it is widely used in a variety of beverages, peanut oil (solid fat oil can not be measured) and milk and other measurement environment. Based on the principle of ultrasonic reflection, it will not contaminate the measuring medium and avoid the cost of cleaning the diaphragm later.However, due to the popularity of compressed juice, beverage processing plants, in addition to the use of food-grade ultrasonic level transmitters, but also the use of sanitary flush diaphragm pressure sensors.

Food-grade ultrasonic level transmitters are being rapidly integrated into the market. In my opinion, it is not enough for any food processing plant to only use a liquid level sensor. We should choose the appropriate liquid level sensor, pressure sensor and flow meter according to the actual measurement environment, so as to effectively complete all kinds of industrial measurement work.


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