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What is micro turbine flow meter?

Aug 11 , 2023

The so-called micro turbine flow meter is a new type of intelligent instrument integrating turbine flow sensor and display integration developed by ultra-low power consumption single chip microcomputer technology. It not only has the advantages of compact mechanism parts, clear reading and high reliability, but also has the obvious advantages of being free from external power source interference, lightning resistance and low cost.

The working principle of micro turbine flow meter is that the fluid flows through the sensor housing. Since the blade of the impeller is at a certain Angle to the flow direction, the momentum of the fluid enables the blade to have a rotating torque. It can overcome the friction torque and fluid resistance before the blade rotates, and the rotating speed is stable after the torque is balanced.Under certain conditions, therefore, speed is proportional to the velocity of flow, because there are magnetic conductivity blade, it is in the signal detector (consists of permanent magnets and coils) magnetic field, rotating blade cutting lines, periodically changing coil magnetic flux, so that the coil ends induction electrical pulse signal, the signal after amplifier amplification plastic, form a certain amplitude of continuous rectangular pulse wave, can be spread far to display instrument, show the instantaneous flow and cumulative amount of the fluid.

Based on the working principle of micro turbine flow meter, it is widely used in measuring the flow rate of various products of oil and natural gas, and measuring the volume flow rate of various conductive acids and bases. It is worth mentioning that more than 3,000 micro-turbine flow meters are used for gas volume measurement in the Netherlands every year.


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