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What is the Best Oil Tank Sensor?

Aug 11 , 2023

The standards for the best oil tank sensors are usually judged by engineers and agents. But today, I'd like to judge the "best" oil tank sensors professionally. Because professional sensor manufacturers can analyze a high quality oil level sensor from different working conditions and application environments, such an analysis process can cover most working conditions and medium. Therefore, I hope this sharing can help you to solve various measurement problems effectively.

Industrial measuring sensors have a long history of development. Among them, the research and development of oil tank sensor has solved a series of problems such as transportation of various oil tanks, storage of oil quantity and quality monitoring of oil products. Whether you refer to oil tank, diesel tank and gasoline tank level monitoring, or what you refer to as conical tank and flat tank level monitoring, they are under the category of inflammable, explosive medium and metal tank level monitoring. Therefore, the radar level sensor needs to meet the following requirements in order to be called tank sensor. First: Regardless of the shape of the tank, the design of the oil inlet requires the radar sensor to contain a clamp, not only for aesthetics, but also for the accuracy of measurement. Second, the size of the blind spot at the present stage is controlled within ±5mm, whether it is radar sensor or ultrasonic sensor. Third, petroleum belongs to inflammable and explosive medium, and must reach the highest explosion-proof grade. Fourth, professional sensor manufacturers have a cheap price and professional after-sales service, which can reduce unnecessary trouble for the later maintenance cost.

That's how I judge the best oil tank sensor. I also believe that people have different opinions, but no matter what, everyone has different perspectives to consider and different situations to use. Therefore, I hope that my analysis can provide you with more reference standards.



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