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What is the Function of Hydraulic Pressure Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

The application of hydraulic pressure sensors is to ensure the pressure within the system is at the correct level, or within an optimum range. They are mainly used in pneumatics and hydraulics. Examples of hydraulic applications include heavy equipment, such as fork, crane, lifting equipment and so on.

Hydraulic pressure sensor for heavy equipment are particularly important, where the liquid in the hydraulic systems may be volatile or flammable and reach very high pressures and temperatures, making leaks and accidents potentially dangerous. They are applied to continuously monitor the pressure and ensure the pressure within the control.

What is the Function of Hydraulic Pressure Sensors


Such hydraulic pressure sensors must be competent enough in these systems. Holykell HPT906 pressure sensor is specially designed for pneumatic and hydraulic systems and measures pressures up to 2000bar in extreme conditions. Based on sputter thin film technology, it offers excellent performance, safety and durability in the presence of high and low temperatures and high levels of vibrations. And it can effectively stop water hammer and pressure shock. -55℃ to 150℃ medium is capable. And its accuracy is up to 0.1%F.S. These advantages make them outstanding in such application.

Holykell manufactures pressure sensors in standard and custom configurations to withstand those challenges using state of the art sensing technology. Welcome your try.


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