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What is wireless level pressure sensor?

Aug 11 , 2023

Traditionally, wireless level pressure sensors have been regarded as normal level pressure sensors, and some people even compare them to submersible level sensors. Here, I would like to clarify that the wireless level pressure sensor is an Internet of things sensor. It’s research and development is not only a new trend in the development of industrial measurement, but also an indispensable part of our modern life.

In the field of industrial measurement, the wireless level pressure sensor is mainly used for the remote level pressure monitoring of water and oil (tank). For engineers who monitor water levels or oil levels from a distance, the average type of level sensor is not capable of collecting real-time level data. This is because the dynamic signal characteristics of the traditional liquid level sensor can only be output by the standard signal. The wireless level pressure sensor can set the liquid height value and temperature value, and transmit these data to the cloud data processing center through the Zigbee communication mode, which will convert these data into liquid level value and pressure value for display on the mobile phone.

Intelligent life has come, the intelligent monitoring of wireless level pressure sensor is also improving the whole measurement field, I believe it will gradually improve in our daily life.

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