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Which are the best wireless solutions?

Aug 11 , 2023

Generally speaking, the best wireless solutions include wireless pressure sensors, wireless water level sensors and wireless temperature sensors. With the continuous improvement of wireless technology, these sensors provide effective solutions for life or industry. In addition, the mature IoT cloud platform architecture and a variety of wireless transmission signals (NB-IOT, LoRa, 4G and Zigbee) can also meet the needs of most environmental measurements. Therefore, choosing the right wireless sensor based on different working conditions is our ultimate goal.

What does a Wireless Pressure Sensor Do?

In our concept, the wireless pressure sensor seems to be far away from us. In fact, the water pressure of fire pumps, gas station pipeline oil pressure, industrial storage tank pressure monitoring and oil field wellhead pressure monitoring are all inseparable from it. A series of processes such as installing the sensor outside the measured point, and then transmitting the data from the cloud platform, and receiving the data in real time by the mobile terminal simplifies many tedious operations. What's more, for flammable and explosive environments, explosion-proof pressure sensors are available.

Why choose a wireless water level sensor?

Wireless water level sensor is commonly known as the "IoT water level sensor". It is a wireless product developed comprehensively based on a low-power lithium battery power supply design and an IoT platform. Compared with ordinary submersible water level sensors, it does not require manual operation and matching with digital display instruments to obtain measurement results. Just install the sensor on the outside or upper part of the measuring point. We set the lowest and highest point of the liquid level. Once the probe reaches the critical point, we can immediately take the optimization plan in the APP on the mobile phone.

The wireless temperature sensor in our eyes

The wireless temperature sensor mentioned here is not a thermometer for bedroom temperature monitoring, but for boiler, industrial oven temperature monitoring or greenhouse room temperature monitoring. It's shape is composed of a wireless transmitter, a probe and an LCD display. The wireless signal can pass through commonly used signals such as NB-IOT, LoRa, 4G or Zigbee. The probe is filled with iron sand, which is more sensitive to temperature detection. The large-size LCD display also facilitates us to observe the temperature data in time, so as to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring.

In my opinion, the best wireless solution is not only to provide convenience for industrial measurement, but more importantly, to maintain a safe social distance and avoid being infected by the epidemic. This is the ultimate goal of my sharing.


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