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Why Our Customers Choose Holykell Submersible Level Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

For more than 20 years , Holykell has been supplying customers with accurate and reliable sensors including submersible level sensors, ultrasonic/radar level sensors, pressure sensors, flow meters, digital controllers and so on. Some users would wonder why our products are a little bit more expensive than other Chinese suppliers. Today we will explain to you.

Take our submersible level sensors HPT600 series as an example. First ,we keep outsourcing and using more premium materials and components. Such as the big Hirschmann connectors for some models, what we use is a famous German brand which for sure increases our cost. For the core, we use branded high-stable cores only that have more resistance to high temperature, interference, and temperature changes, not the cheap ones.

Why Our Customers Choose Holykell Submersible Level Sensors

Secondly we keep insisting adopting advanced and mature manufacturing process, for all of our submersible level sensors, we add a process called potting of smidahk for the purpose to protect electronics in harsh condition. It makes the sensor water-resistant, oil-resistant, vibration resistant and 300℃ high temperature resistant. That is one of the reasons why our submersible level sensors can be immersed in water and keep working fine for over 10 years.

We have our own factory with manufacturing process and quality controlled and is committed to provide products of high quality and varieties.


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