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Why PT100 RTD Probe need Resistance Compensation?

Aug 11 , 2023

As the technology of PT100 RTD probe continues to improve, more and more people are interested in it's deep knowledge. One of the hottest topics is how to compensate the lead resistance when the PT100 RTD probe measures the temperature. Industrial temperature measurement generally USES several wire thermal resistance and so on.

Obviously, PT100 RTD probes are indispensable in the field of industrial temperature measurement, although they do not have the same market share as armored thermal resistors or other types of temperature sensors. In general, if we do not do lead resistance compensation, once the thermal resistance as a temperature measuring element, the differential pressure of the thermal resistance of the lead resistance will cause the measurement error. Even if we use the highest precision, the platinum thermal resistance with better material will not eliminate the resistance. Therefore, in order to eliminate the influence of lead resistance, PT100 RTD probe usually adopts 3-wire system. Therefore, the 3-wire heating resistance has become the standard wire system for industrial thermal resistance.

The above discussion proves the necessity that PT100 RTD probe must be compensated.


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