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Why Ultrasonic Fuel Level Transducer needs Explosion Proof Function

Aug 11 , 2023

Ultrasonic fuel level transducer is a sensor that uses an acoustic medium to convert ultrasonic signals into other energy signals (usually electrical signals). The object in front of the sensor partially reflects the emitted sound waves back to the receiver of the sensor, so that the sensor detects the object.


                                                                                                 Why Ultrasonic Fuel Level Transducer needs Explosion Proof Function


 Ultrasonic fuel level transducer is mainly used for the measurement of oil tanks and fuel storage tanks of different sizes. In the industrial field, parameters such as liquid level, temperature, density and pressure (pressure storage tank) of the oil tank are monitored to calculate the volume and level of the liquids which reserves to prevent the tank from falling out and evacuating. At the same time, it can also help the transportation industry and enterprises to strengthen the monitoring of fuel usage and prevent oil spills and oil theft.

Because the materials stored in oil tanks are generally flammable, explosive, volatile, and toxic, once a leak occurs, it is easy to have fire, explosion and other accidents. Bring immeasurable losses. Therefore, Holykell specially designed explosion-proof function for the ultrasonic oil level sensor. It has passed ATEX explosion-proof certification, and can also read data on-site. The operation is simple and convenient. Only by choosing an ultrasonic level transmitter with good explosion-proof performance can we provide the safest measurement solution.

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