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Why must use magnetostrictive oil depot probe in gas station?

Aug 11 , 2023

In our impression, the magnetostrictive oil depot probe is generally used in industrial oil tanks and other harsh working conditions. However, with the increasing consumption of gasoline, the tank level sensor at the gas station has also undergone corresponding changes. The research and development of magnetostrictive oil depot probe not only reflects the level of industrial measuring instruments, but also brings convenience to the gas station.

Magnetostrictive oil depot probe can be used in tank level monitoring is the cause of the following: first, in the past few years, the gas station for large oil tank liquid level monitoring generally adopt the method of artificial oil to monitoring the petrol allowance inside the tank, this method not only can't timely to check the oil, and it also can't ensure the life safety of the staff. Secondly, for the managers of oil stations, the daily gasoline sales and loss data of oil stations cannot be timely counted, and the ordinary liquid level sensor cannot be intelligent, thus bringing great inconvenience to gas stations.

The advantages of the magnetostrictive oil depot probe go beyond that. In a gas station, the penetration of gasoline into the soil is a more difficult problem to solve than the evaporation of gasoline into the air. At present, most countries have strict requirements for environmental protection. While the magnetostrictive oil depot can measure the level and temperature of the oil tank, it can also measure the oil tank leakage, so as to avoid environmental pollution problems. Based on the actual daily demand, we analyzed and verified the necessity of magnetostrictive level meter in the gas station.


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