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Why need liquid level measurement?

Aug 11 , 2023

People always pay close attention to liquid level measurement. It is the base of other measurement. However, during the measurement of water level, it is always contaminated by anystochastic disturbance signal caused by passing ships or flurry, all these disturbance signal should be filter. That's why we need to liquid level measurement.

In general, when measuring liquid level, we know that a pressure transmitter can be used to determine the liquid level in a tank, well, river or other body of liquid. The pressure at the bottom of a liquid filled container is directly related to the height of the liquid. The transmitter measures this hydrostatic head pressure and gives the resulting liquid level. To get an accurate reading, the measurement device needs to be located at the lowest point you want to measure, the results prove that it is suitable to take the place of the older tidal and water level measurement system.

As you can see, modern instrumentation uses a number of different technologies in order to satisfy the ever-growing requirements for liquid level measurement in a wide range of applications, But I believe that it's still a lot of room to develop in this market.


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