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Why need oil tank level sensor at gas station?

Aug 11 , 2023

Gas stations have been using oil tank level sensors to monitor changes in oil level and oil temperature so that workers can increase the amount of oil in the tank in a timely manner. In addition, it monitors the temperature of the gasoline and the temperature changes in the tank. Therefore, each gas station will be marked with a “No smoking” sign to avoid gasoline leakage or explosion at the gas station.

Another reason for the need for a oil tank level sensor at a gas station is the role of corrosion protection and no-cleaning. It is well known that gasoline extracts gasoline and diesel by extracting crude oil from oil fields and by artificial purification. Second, the refining equipment in each country is different, and the purity of the refined gasoline is different. The gasoline tanks are transported to different gas stations by means of tanker transport. In the process of transporting to the gas station, the oil product will be reduced due to different transportation methods and storage tanks. At this time, the probe of the sensor is required to have no second pollution and repetition during the measurement. Open the oil tank for cleaning. These subtle differences, although not causing personal safety and economic losses, will affect the quality of gasoline and reduce the corporate brand image.

That’s why need oil tank level sensor at gas station. Although the explosion-proof and high-temperature protection technologies of gas stations are mature, real-time monitoring systems and comprehensive protection can further improve safety.


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