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Why need radar level transmitter to measure plastic tank level?

Aug 11 , 2023

Using radar level transmitter to measure the level of plastic tank is not only the development trend of liquid level measurement, but also highlights that modern industrial measurement has stepped into the era of non-contact measurement. Under normal circumstances, most of the liquid level measurement methods for industrial tanks, chemical storage tanks and fuel tanks are completed under non-contact measurement. Obviously, submersible type level sensors are not suitable for dangerous environments or flammable and explosive media. For some storage of highly corrosive plastic tanks, a radar level transmitter is the most sensible option.

Radar level transmitter can complete the plastic tank level measurement because of its unique advantages. As we all know, the radar wave emitted by radar level transmitter is a kind of mechanical wave, which is characterized by strong penetration and wide range of applicability. So it can penetrate plastic and non-conductive medium and send signals back to the sensor. Although ultrasonic level sensor is also non-contact measurement, due to its own physical properties, ultrasonic can not penetrate the foam or noisy environment. More importantly, once the measurement range is larger, the blind spot is larger, ultimately affecting the accuracy of measurement. By comparing the two sensors, we can find out their respective advantages and disadvantages.

As I said before, radar level transmitters are not only used to measure liquid levels in plastic cans, but they can also be used in food processing plants, pharmaceuticals and so on.


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