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Why select wireless temperature sensors to monitor greenhouses?

Aug 11 , 2023

The development of wireless temperature sensors has brought great convenience to temperature monitoring. As we all know, the world now consumes more vegetables than meat. Such a large demand for vegetables cannot meet the current market needs. Secondly, different vegetables and fruits need different temperatures to produce better yields. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the room temperature of the greenhouses in real time to meet the different demands of the market for vegetables.

The importance of wireless temperature sensors

The choice of wireless temperature sensors to monitor the temperature of greenhouse vegetables is not just a matter of reputation, but of necessity. Because different kinds of vegetables grow better at the right temperature. For example, tomato planting is divided into day temperature and night temperature, day temperature should be controlled at 25-28℃, night temperature difference between 13-17℃, higher and lower temperature is not conducive to the growth of tomatoes. At this time, if we install the wireless temperature sensor in the vegetable greenhouse and monitor the temperature change in the greenhouse in real time through wireless signal transmission and mobile phone App, the work efficiency will be more effectively improved. Of course, a maximum temperature must be set before starting. Once the maximum temperature is reached in the vegetable greenhouse, we can manage the temperature through the HOLYKELL cloud platform.

The above example proves that wireless temperature sensor is an intelligent instrument to promote the development of agriculture and industry, which also means that we can't live without Internet of things sensors.


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