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Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution in Winery

Aug 11 , 2023

During the fermentation process of koji, the temperature in winery will change drastically. In the past, the temperature and ambient temperature and humidity during the fermentation of koji were manually detected. This method is not only inefficient, but also inaccurate. And at present, part of the temperature measurement adopts traditional wiring method, which requires complicated installation and difficult wiring.

Holykell wireless temperate monitoring system can automatically detect the temperature change in the koji room during the fermentation process.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution in Winery

The system consists of a temperature sensor, an air temperature and humidity sensor, a wireless module, and a cloud platform. The temperature sensor can collect the temperature of the winery. By combining the wireless module, the data can be collected in real time and wirelessly transmitted to the receiving host and uploaded to the cloud platform, so as to realize the real-time viewing of the data on the PC and mobile terminals, and issue alarm through WeChat, SMS and email.

Through this way, we no longer need to go to the site for manual temperature detection. And all the data can be stored and exported for reference.


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