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Wireless Water Level Sensors in Waterworks

Aug 11 , 2023

Wireless water level sensors used in water plant water level monitoring has always been our most acceptable wireless iot solution. But a waterworks not only supplies tap water, but it also produces waste water. At this time, our focus is whether a wireless water level sensor can complete the water level monitoring of drinking water and wastewater.

In theory, the use of wireless water level sensor method is to install it on a certain spot, sensing the change of water level through it’s probe, but it is a signal transmitted by wireless communication, abandoned the traditional artificial unattended, we only need operation on mobile phone APP, it’s measurement data is transferred through the Internet platform to display. However, the premise is that we should set a maximum water level limit before starting. Once the maximum water level is reached, we can deal with it timely through SMS or APP warning.

Through the analysis of the wireless water level sensor, we clearly know that a wireless water level sensor can only monitor one position. As for the water plant, we need two wireless water level sensors to complete the monitoring of different water levels.


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