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Wireless temperature sensor for drug storehouse’s temperature monitoring

Aug 11 , 2023

Wireless temperature sensor is a common detection instrument, which has the characteristics of no wiring, easy installation and low energy consumption. It is widely used in many industries, especially in the storage process of medicines. Temperature is an important monitoring parameter in prevention and maintenance, too high or too low temperature will have a certain impact on the quality of medicines. Therefore, the online monitoring of temperature in the drug library is an important means to ensure the safety of drugs.

The advantage of using a wireless temperature sensor is that we can adjust the temperature and humidity for items with different requirements without consuming much human resources. At this time, if manpower is used for temperature control, it will not only cause a waste of human resources, but also cause a large amount of waste of materials if a negligence occurs in any link. The wireless temperature sensor is mainly installed on the surface of the cable connection, transformer and switch that are easily heated. After the temperature measured, the temperature data is wirelessly transmitted to the temperature measurement communication terminal. Each wireless temperature sensor has a unique ID number to record the installation location of each sensor during actual installation and use and enter it into the temperature detection workstation computer database together with the number. The sensor automatically emits the temperature data of the monitoring point every certain time (can be set in advance), and it will immediately alarm if the temperature is abnormal, and it will not be limited by the sending cycle.

In the temperature monitoring of the drug library, the wireless temperature sensor can display the temperature data through the wireless signal transmission through the mobile phone as temperature measurement terminal, and set the alarm value. When the temperature exceeds the set limit, the mobile phone can receive the alarm signal, truly achieve online remote monitoring.


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