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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Used in Chlor-Alkali Measurement

July 22, 2022

Electromagnetic flow meter is an ideal device for water, pulps, chemicals due to different lining can be chosen for different applications. Our customer from Japan uses it in the chlor-alkali industry. It mainly measures brine and caustic soda, both of which have common characteristics:

1. Both are conductive media. ​​

2. The composition of brine is more complex, sometimes acidic, sometimes alkaline, and may contain free chlorine, so both of which are highly corrosive. ​

3. As the chlor-alkali plants of our customer are located in the north of Japan, the temperature is low in winter, salt may be formed in the salt water pipelines, which may cause the pipeline blocked. Therefore, the two measured media will contain solid particles. ​​

4. The temperature of both media is below 100℃. ​​

Electromagnetic flow meter

According to the characteristics of the measured medium and the advantages of the electromagnetic flow meters, it can be seen that the magnetic flow meter is very suitable for the measurement of chlor-alkali.

Electromagnetic flow meters measure conductive medium. It can be lined by special material that is resistant to brine and caustic soda. The accuracy is up to 0.50%FS. No moving parts, which will not block the flow of the medium and cause pressure loss. Besides, it requires less maintenance, and has long service life. It is quite cost-effective.