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Hydraulic Pressure Sensor for Mining Industry

Aug 07, 2023

Hydraulic Pressure Sensor for Mining Industry

The hydraulic support is common in mining industry, used to control the mine pressure and is an indispensable equipment in the mine. Part of the hydraulic supports produced are mainly controlled manually. Although the manual hydraulic supports have low manufacturing cost and easy to operate, the moving speed is slow and production efficiency is low; and due to the harsh underground working environment, safety incidents are prone to occur. In recent years, with the development of increasingly mature industrial automation control technology and the increasing demand, the automation of mining technology and equipment has been gradually improved.

The critical part of the hydraulic support is the hydraulic pressure sensors. It is used to detect the front of the hydraulic support, the pressure value of the rear pillar and the forward beam. This kind of sensor requires small temperature error, good frequency characteristics, and fast response, so as to accurately measure the change of the pressure and to realize the accurate control of the pressure.

Holykell hydraulic pressure sensor for mining industry

Holykell hydraulic pressure sensor uses sputtered film core that is not easy to fall off under great pressure and has strong anti-corrosion performance. With digital compensation, it owns high stability and reliability. The pressure range is wide, 2000bar max, accuracy 0.1%. Higher accuracy is customizable. It meets most industrial requirements and also the harsh hydraulic applications.

It can be seen that a decent hydraulic pressure sensor is critical in such applications. Under the action of the pressure sensors, the hydraulic support control system can automatically control the action of the hydraulic support, providing more safety and precision.


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