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Industrial differential pressure transducers used for diesel particulate filter

Aug 07, 2023

The development of industrial differential pressure transducers has improved as diesel particulate filter(DPF) have become more common in cars. Because when each car enterprises is developing an automobile engine, in order to improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions, engineers will optimize the overall performance of the engine from the differential pressure loss of the engine, filtration efficiency, heat resistance and ash removal mileage. Today, despite improvements in the transmission efficiency of engines and the technology of vehicle diesel particulate filter, awareness of environmental protection is growing around the world. This awareness requires industrial differential pressure transducers to measure tailpipe emissions to meet emission standards.

Why need industrial differential pressure transducer in DPF?

From a professional perspective, the industrial differential pressure transducer is used to measure the exhaust pressure difference between the front and rear channels of DPF. In this case, there are a few of the car companies in order to increase the profit of building cars, they just put trap in exhaust emission part, through the trap to collect exhaust of harmful substances, defects of the method is that the emissions channel with jam to the build-up of particles were gradually capture. On the one hand, remove the accumulated particle method is in a certain position of the channel or directly inject extra fuel in the exhaust gas to raise the temperature of exhaust gas. On the other hand, the high temperature of the exhaust gas is enough to cause the accumulation of particles to burn and vaporize, which increases fuel consumption and can degrade engine performance if the interval is too long. At this point, the industrial differential pressure transducer sends the pressure difference signal to the electronic control unit(ECU), which determines the degree of particle accumulation in the trap and decides whether to trigger and the amount of additional fuel injection based on the pressure difference. At the same time, the ECU can also control the EGR valve to adjust the exhaust temperature.

According to the latest data, both diesel particulate filter and gasoline particulate filter can measure the exhaust pressure difference through the use of industrial differential pressure transducer, thus reducing the exhaust harmful emissions.


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