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NTC Temperature Sensors Used in Refrigerators

Aug 07, 2023

The research and development of refrigerator not only brings convenience to our life, but also lays a foundation for the development of ntc temperature sensor. As everyone knows, although the price of ntc temperature sensor is higher than thermocouple sensor, but it’s wide application is the thermocouple sensor can not be compared. In the era of intelligent life, the number of refrigeration equipment is increasing, which means ntc temperature sensor has a larger market.

In the conventional thinking mode, ntc temperature sensors are often ignored because of their small size. For example, we often use refrigerators, I believe most people just see the compressor, evaporator and filter of the refrigerator and so on. For consumers, we will only judge the quality of a refrigerator from the compressor. One of the most important temperature controller is ignored by us, temperature controller not only controls the refrigerator high and low temperature, but also in order to avoid temperature difference to the refrigerator to bring huge damage. Therefore, as a temperature sensor for medium and low temperature measurement, the role of the ntc temperature sensor is particularly important. It’s development is to provide effective help for the stability of the refrigerator.

In my opinion, although the thermal ntc temperature sensor is not a cross-generational product, it does make a significant contribution to the manufacturing of household appliances.




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