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Radar Level Transmitter Used in Vegetable Oil Level Monitoring

Aug 07, 2023

In Benin, our radar level transmitters have been just installed on the tanks in a big food factory. The tanks are 12-30 meters high and store vegetable oils inside.

Why we recommend radar level transmitters for this application. First of all, the customer requires the oil level measurement is accurate. Radars meet this perfectly. Radar technology features precision data trans missed and is not affected by the media properties and environment changes. Secondly, vegetable oil is of viscosity, and food industry requires compliance with strict hygiene standard. Since radar adopts a non-contact measurement mode, there is no contact with the medium to be measured, and no cleaning difficulty, less maintenance than contacting measurement. Thirdly, the tanks are tall, which might challenge some other types of level devices, while the measuring range of radar can be up to 150m.

Holykell radar level sensor for vegetable oil measurement

After working on the tank tops for more than 1 month, the measuring effect of these radar level transmitters keep good and satisfactory.


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