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Which boiler industry pressure sensors are used for?

Aug 07, 2023

Although the requirement of energy saving and emission reduction is more and more strict, the boiler industry pressure sensor is not affected to a great extent. This is because the rapid development of industry is an important basis for measuring the economic development of a country (city). Therefore, the development of boiler industry pressure sensors must be developed with the environmental protection requirements, different boiler industry to use different sensors.

Based on the analysis of industrial data, boiler industry pressure sensors are mainly used in refuse incineration boilers and oil (gas) boilers, which not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also adapt to the development of the boiler industry.

In the field of waste incineration boiler, boiler industry pressure sensor is the main advantage of auxiliary family or municipal waste incineration power generation, measurement of garbage incineration temperature and boiler ash can timely understanding of temperature in the boiler is already more than maximum temperature of boiler steel material, which can avoid the boiler fryer, as well as generating provide effective guarantee for the city. In recent years, the utilization rate of boiler industry pressure sensor in oil (gas) boiler is increasing year by year. This is because the use of natural gas and clean energy has exceeded the demand of coal mines, and a large number of oil-fired boilers will replace the existing coal-fired boilers.

It is not difficult to see that the boiler industry pressure sensor is a part of environmental protection, and it’s development is conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction.


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