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Stones or Borehole Water Level Sensors to Measure Water Level

July 13, 2021

Do you know how many methods do we have to measure the water level in a 300m deep well? On Quora someone says by dropping a stone into the well, when it is heard to hit the water,we can calculate the well depth. Don't laugh. This really happened in the past and still happens in some countries.

While in the modern society, we have advanced solution, such as a borehole water level sensor. Borehole water level sensors can measure the water level in boreholes or wells up to 500m deep. It's actually a probe in diameter less than 20mm, which enables it work in small boreholes. It provides continuous water level data in real time and the measurement accuracy is up to 0.25% much higher than dropping the stone.

                                                                            Borehole water level sensors are used for level measurement

Another solution is using a borehole water level sensor combined with a wireless module, in this way, we can realize remote monitoring, when we stay at home or in the office, we can still view the water level or level change on the Cloud platform or a mobile phone. Is it cool?

No matter which solution is used, borehole water level sensors or stones, we just enjoy the process.


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