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Ground Water Level Indicator Used in South Africa

September 28, 2021

Recently we received a request from a engineer from South African to recommend a ground water level indicator. He works for a big water supply company.

Since what he focus on the ground water level indicator is the field display function, we recommend him our HLM, a tape reel deep water level meter, which features a graduated cable to show the depth on the site, quite satisfying his demand. Besides, it is portable for him to bring with him since he is always on the way to move to another place.

                                                                     Ground water level indicators are used for water level control

The another advantage of this ground water level indicator is that its ability to work in seawater. From what he told us before final order, we know some locations where the engineer work are beside the sea, while normal water level meter is not competent to the measurement since the sea water is corrosive. So if the medium to be measured is seawater or corrosive, advise before order and we have different materials of probe housing and sizes for this device to meet different demands.


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