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Refrigerant Pressure Sensors Used at Low Temperature

September 28, 2021

One customer asks us that if our refrigerant pressure sensors would work in low temperature condition as snowy days generally last 1 month in his country.

It is the truth that temperature definitely affects the accuracy of refrigerant pressure sensors. During the operation of sensors, the temperature fluctuation poses a great impact on the product performance. While our products can keep working at -35℃ for a long time without performance affected. Why?

                                                         Refrigerant pressure sensors are used for pressure measurement

Thanks to twice of temperature compensation, our refrigerant pressure sensors can work fine in low temperature. And our products undergo high and low temperature tests so as to assure their compliance with various standards and requirements. For some applications, customization is supported. So, do not worry about snowy days, and advise us the requirements and application, the most suitable product shall be proposed.