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How To Install Natural Gas flow Meters

July 06, 2022

Natural gas flow meter is a precise instrument. We should pay attention to the installation since if the installation is unreasonable, it will greatly impact the accuracy and the service life of the instrument. To measure natural gas, one of the most commonly device is a vortex flow meter. Following we will briefly introduce the installation notices.

Installation of Natural Gas Flow Meter

1. The natural gas flow meter is better installed in a dry and ventilated place. Avoid installing it in a place where the ambient temperature is too high.

2. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, or at any angle, as long as they are kept flooded.

3. A vortex flow meter requires a well developed and symmetrical flow velocity profile. And keep away from distortions or swirls, and turbulence. Common sources of turbulence include valves, water pumps, changes in line direction, such as bends and elbows, considering good accuracy and repeatability.

4.The arrow etched on the sensor housing indicates flow direction. The medium flow direction should be in compliant with that of the arrow.

5.Air bubbles and partially filled pipes may affect the measured values. For open piping systems, install the meter in front of or in a rising pipe.

6.Straight pipe run requirements should be met according to those specified in manuals.

Holykell vortex flow meter

Both correct use and installation determines the shelf life of the natural gas flow meters, the vortex flow meter. While except this flow meter, we provide other flow meters, contact us for more technical documents.


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