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Holykell New Oil Tank Level Sensor

November 08, 2021

Per the increasing demands of part of our customers, a new oil tank level sensor has been launched by Holykell. This is a sensor that solves common problems during the measurement of oil tanks.

Generally, a oil tank level sensor can measure the liquid level only. With the new technology and special design adopted, this new arrival is suitable for level and temperature measurement of fuel, gasoline and diesel, it can measure the oil level in irregular tanks, which might challenge other similar sensors. Besides, it can not only measure liquid level but also volume and percentage. The problems that influence by temperature drift received and poor accuracy in the whole temperature span are also solved.

Holykell oil tank level sensor

This new oil tank level sensor is a submersible level sensor. And it should be installed very close to the tank bottom. Its accuracy is up to 0.5%F.S, measuring range reaches 500m. Definitely it will be a perfect device for your oil tank measurement.


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