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HPT604-LT Fuel Level and Volume Sensor

This fuel level and volume sensor(oil tank level sensor) is designed based on the "submersible" shape, it is mainly used to measure the level, volume, fuel storage and fuel temperature of fuel tanks (underground storage tanks). With wireless terminals, remote monitoring solutions can be realized.

Application :

●Fuel tank or diesel tank

●Underground oil storage tank at gas station

●Diesel generators


●Irregular shape oil tank

01It can measure the liquid level, volume, oil storage and oil temperature of the oil tank.
02Compatible to measure the level of fuel tanks with different shapes.
03The problem of temperature drift and poor accuracy in the full temperature range is solved.
04"Investment type" design, low maintenance cost in later period.
05Free technical support, liquid level sensor manufacturer.

Fuel level sensor for fuel tanks in Holykell manufacturer

Technical Data

Pressure Range

0-0.1bar…..2bar / 0-1m……..20m fuel level Optional

Burst Pressure

500% F.S.


≤ ±0.5%F.S (≥2m level range and between 0-50 degree C);

≤ ±1.0%F.S (0.5m≤Level Range<2m level range and between 0-50 degree C)

Long Stability

≤ ±0.1% of span/year

Temperature Accuracy

±1%F.S. (± 1 ℃)

Working Temp

-40-80℃(non-corrosive medium)

Temperature Compensation



RS485 Modbus RTU

Power Supply


Electronic connection

Fixed cable and water proof IP68

Pressure Type

Gauge pressure

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