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How Differential Pressure Sensor HVAC Used

December 13, 2021

Differential pressure sensor HVAC is an important part in the automatic control system. This sensor ensures the smooth operation of the entire system and achieves energy-saving effects.

How Differential Pressure Sensor HVAC Used

Differential pressure sensor HVAC is installed to monitor the air pressure difference between the two ends of the filter at the air outlet. The filter is used to filter the dust and impurities in the ventilation duct. As they accumulate with the time and gradually affect the air circulation, in such poor air circulation condition, the air pressure difference at both ends of the filter continues to increase. The pressure sensor senses the pressure change, and the host computer receives the signal from the sensor. When the signal value reaches the alarm point, it will start an alarm to remind the cleaning staff to replace or clean the filter.

                                                             Differential pressure sensors are used for DP measurement

In addition to monitoring the dust concentration of the filter, the differential pressure sensor HVAC is also used to control the air volume of the air outlet. It's also widely used in medical, industrial, and Internet-of-Things and other applications.


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