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Water Level Sensor for Slurry Tank Monitoring

December 10, 2021

We have a client from Iran saying they need a water level sensor that can work in slurry tanks. It should be resistant to high humidity or water vapor and eliminate the role of agitator blades in the measurement. These are the important points for the desired product.

We have plenty of water level sensors, including submersible level sensor, ultrasonic level sensor, and radar level sensor. While considering the constructions in the tanks, and the client has no budget concern, we recommend our high frequency radar level sensor for the project. This is a level sensor using 80GHz radar technology and the biggest advantage is that it allows considerably better focusing of the emitted signal. In containers and tanks with many internal installations, the good focusing helps reduce the influence of microwave noise.

Holykell water level radar sensor for slurry tanks

With the beam highly concentrated, this water level sensor will not focus on the inner tank wall, but to measure the bottom of the tank. Compared with other technologies, it is usually possible to achieve a larger range when the same measurement accuracy is guaranteed. That's why we first recommend this water level sensor. And it measures both solids and liquids, when they finish the project, it can be moved for other purposes.


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