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HPT701 Air Differential Pressure Sensor

Air Differential Pressure Sensor is precision engineered for monitoring differential pressure of air and compatible gases in commercial and OEM applications and liquids with 0.25% accuracy.

Application :

● HAVC Air differential pressure

● Wind pipe pressure measurement

● Industrial dust removal equipment

● Purification plant

● Blow down expander

● Leak detection device

01It has a built-in high-sensitivity air pressure sensing element independently developed by HOLYKELL, which can measure air pressure of 1 pa.
02The sensor comes with digital temperature compensation, which can be used in environments with high and low temperature differential pressure.
03It adopts moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and other technologies, and can be used in bad weather or complex working conditions.
04CE certification.

air differential pressure sensor

Technical Data



Pressure Range

±100Pa~100KPa optional

Safe overload

200% F.S.

Burst Pressure

500% F.S.


1.0%F.S; 0.5%F.S; 0.25%F.S optional

Long Time Stability


Working Temp


Storage Temp


Temperature compensation


Zero Point Temp Drift


Full Scale Temp Drift


Max Static Pressure

≤200 kPa

Medium compatible

<5 kPa,  non-corrosive gas.    ≥5 kPa, compatible with 316L liquids

Electronic Wire

2 Wires                                        3 Wires                               4 Wires                  


4~20mA                                    0~5V / 0~10V              RS485 Modbus RTU

Power Supply

12~ 30 VDC                             

Load resistance

R=(U-12.5) / 0.02-RD (RD is cable inner resistance)

Electronic connection      

Fixed cable outlet

Materials of diaphragm

Silica gel / 316L

Proof grade


Pressure connect port

& Materials

Φ8 gas port, M10

SUS304 Stainless steel and LY12

Response time



NA, please select another model HPT702 for adjustable zero and span.

Pressure Type

Differential pressure (Gage pressure)

EMC Standard



Around 0.2KG (excluding package)


12~30 V / 15~30V


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