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How Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meters Chosen for Different Flumes

April 12, 2021

The open channel ultrasonic flow meter adopts non-contact measuring mode, which uses the principle of acoustic reflection to detect the liquid level in flumes, and obtains the flow of water flowing through flumes through conversion. It's composed of a probe and a host, both are plastic sealed structures and can be used in various flumes and are widely used in water conservancy irrigation, sewage plants, sewage discharge outlets, urban sewers, and etc.

The open channel ultrasonic flow meter can be used in different flumes, including triangular flumes, rectangular flumes, Parshall flumes, etc. Different flumes are suitable for different specific working conditions.

                                                Open channel ultrasonic flow meters are used for water flow measurement

If conditions permit,open channel ultrasonic flow meters are best used in Parshall flumes since its water level-flow relationship is calibrated by experiments, and the requirements for the upstream flow into the flume are relatively less.


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