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UFL9000 Open Channel Flow Meter

The common method of measuring flow through an open channel flow meter is to measure the height or HEAD of the liquid as it passes over an obstruction (a flume or weir) in the channel.

Application :

● Sewage pipes

● Wastewater treatment plant

● City sewer flow

● Farmland irrigation channels

01Easy to construct
02Simple to determine flow with proper equations
03Parshall flumes produce one-fourth the head loss of a weir designed to handle the same flow range
04Parshall flumes are accurate in a wide range of conditions

Technical Data


Split Type

Measure range


Total flow


Level measurement precision

0.25%F.S. to 0.5%F.S.


3mm or 0.1%F.S.(take great)

Flow  measurement precision

1%~5%(depends on poling board type and weir’s precision)


English backlit LCD: moment flow, accumulative flow, level measurement value, distance  measurement value, analog value, environment temperature, echo state, alarm display, algorithm select, etc.

Analog output

4~20mA/750Ω load

Relay output

4 channels AC 250V/ 8A or DC 30V/ 5A  state programmable

Power supply

220V AC+15%  50Hz

24VDC 120mA     can be customized 12VDC power supply

Environment temperature

Display meter-20~+60℃,Transducer-20~+80℃


RS485, RS232communication, MODBUS protocol (optional)

Protection grade

Display IP65, Transducer IP68

Transducer cable

Max is 100 meters, with standard 10 meters

Transducer installation

Threaded installation, flange installation, stents installation, instrument cases installation, etc

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