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How Turbine Flow Meters Used in Quantitative Control System

June 24, 2022

Turbine flow meter is one of the most popular flow monitoring devices in the current industries, which is often used to measure various liquids and gases. One of the most attractive features of Holykell turbine flow meter is the various installation method and the signal output provided.

Turbine flow meters can be used in quantitative control system. The system mainly consists of a flow meter, a electromagnetic valve, a quantitative controller. The flow signal is provided to the control instrument through the flow meter, and the required low quantitative value is set on the control instrument panel. After reaching the set amount, the electromagnetic valve and water pump are automatically closed. Through the whole devices, it can control the electromagnetic valve and water pump at the same time, or we can also control it separately to meet different demands.

turbine flow meter

Holykell turbine flow meters can be customized according to the actual application. And it can output 4- 20mA and pulse signal, and RS485 and Hart protocol is supported.