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HLY Micro Turbine Flow Meter

Turbine flowmeter is fully comprehensive (all intelligence) which is developed in using the advanced technology from domestic and foreign countries and consisted of 4800-type flow sensor and 4800-type smart converter supporting. It is widely used in water (tap water, industrial water, and sewage treatment) metallurgy, chemical, textile, food, paper, power, pharmaceutical and other industrial areas.

Application :

● Volume flow of conductive acid

● Volume flow of conductive alkali

● Salt solution

● Slurry, pulp,paper pulp

● Waste water

01The sensor is with hard alloy bearing thrust type, which may guarantee the precision and improve the wear resistance performance as well.
02Simple and firm structure, easy for installation and dismantling.
03Wide range of measuring with very lower flow velocity limit.
04Small loss of pressure,fine repeat.
05Ability and high precision.
06High resistance to electromagnetic interference and vibration.

Holykell-Measuring Instrument

Technical Data

Pipe Size

DN 15 mm ~200 mm

Flow range


Medium temperature


Flow output signal

4~20mA 750Ω load

Connection Way

Screw ,Flange, Clamp sanitary, Plug in type

Supply voltage

12V±10%, current:≤10mA


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