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Maintenance Notices of Differential Pressure Transmitters

June 27, 2022

Differential pressure transmitter is a device to measure the differential pressure value of the two measured pressures, and also the flow with various throttling elements. And they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly during use. Though it is actually not difficult, here we should know some precautions for users.

Here is the maintenance notices of differential pressure transmitter.

differential pressure transmistter

1. Corrosion problem The environmental conditions of chemical production are poor, and most of the measured media are corrosive. The biggest threat to the transmitter is corrosion, such as the corrosion of the high and low pressure chambers, the diaphragm, and the shell of the transmitter. Therefore, it is very important to select reasonable materials according to the measured medium and to select the installation position of the transmitter reasonably. Isolation measures should also be taken when measuring corrosive media.

2. Leak prevention problem

If the pressure guiding pipe joint, valve and three-valve group used with the differential pressure transmitter have leakage points, the measured data will be abnormal, that is, the pressure received by the high and low pressure measurement chambers of the transmitter cannot correctly reflect the real pressure of the process. For liquid or steam, it is relatively easier to find the leak point, but for gas, comprehensive inspection and judgment should be used to determine the leakage.

3. Anti-clogging problem

Blockages often occur in impulse piping and valves. The most difficult thing is to find impurities in the pressure guiding pipe and valve. Due to the poor transmission, the pressure or differential pressure measurement value transmitted to the pressure transmitter will have hysteresis. Changes in process pressure or flow cannot be reflected in a timely and true manner. Thus it is important to discharge and flush the pressure guiding pipe strictly according to the time specified in the regulations. When a blockage is found, it should be dealt with in time to ensure the smooth flow of the pressure guiding pipe.

4. Anti-misoperation problem

Due to its high reliability, the intelligent differential pressure transmitter can operate normally for a long time after setting. Some instrument personnel have relatively few opportunities to set the transmitters. However, due to the various functions and complex operations, misoperation and setting errors may occur. Therefore, users should read and study the manuals, thoroughly understand the meaning and setting method.


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