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How to Maintain Submersible Sludge Level Sensor

December 11, 2020

Submersible sludge level sensors are quite common in our life and various industries. They feature high accuracy and stability with reasonable price. While, do you know how to maintain them?

                                                                                   Sludge level transmitters are used for liquid level measurement

How to Maintain Submersible Sludge Level Sensor

The proper maintainence of submersible sludge level sensors is very importance of the service life.Here are some recommendations.

Regularly check if the connection of wirings is in good condition and if the cables are damaged or aged.

Regularly check and clean the sensors according to the type of medium to be measured. If they keep measuring liquid that contains sludge or slurry, then wash more frequently than that for clean water.

When cleaning pressure connector or pressure hole, handle with care and note that a hard brush or a metal tool is not allowed to avoid damage on the thread or the sensitive core.

Do not push violently the cable or press the diaphragm cavity with metals or hard objects.

One thing to pay attention to is that after cleaning the submersible sludge level sensors and putting them into the liquid again, the installation depth might vary so recalibration by instrument should be done to ensure the accuracy of the data collected.


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