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The Advantages of Sludge Level Transmitter

December 10, 2020

A water authority recently has been recommend using a sludge level transmitter instead of the magnetic float level switch having been used for a outdoor project in a lake for 1 month after they found its frequent failure. It is the failure that causes the unstable data provided.

The Advantages of Sludge Level Transmitter

Why a sludge level transmitter is more suitable for lake measurement? First and the most important is that it is sepcially designed for lake or river measurement, able to work in the medium containing sludge, slurry, seeds without being clogged, and the unique ceramic filter cover makes it not being caught by impurities or waterweeds. Secondly, its accuracy is high up to 0.15%F.S and more accurate data can be provided than magnetic float level switch or other ordinary water level sensor. And the long-term stability is high, with small temperature drift, which can be work in water for up to around 10 years.


                                                                                    Sludge level transmitters are used for water level measurement


Besides this sludge level sensor is directly submersible in water, small and very easy to install. Though lying on the bottom of a lake or a river, it stills works and provides accurate data.


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