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Sanitary Pressure Transducer Used in Viscous Liquid Measurement

May 10, 2021

Though sanitary pressure traducers are widely used in food and beverage applications, such as milk, beer, juice, they can also be used for measuring viscous or sticky medium, like mud.

Sanitary pressure ttransducers owns following advantages when used in viscous liquids:

● Intelligent chip applied, with temperature compensation function;

● All stainless steel 316 housing with welding structure;

● Flush membrane design, minimizing chance of contact with medium ;

● Blockage concern free;

● Easy to disassemble, install and clean

● Accuracy up to 0.15%F.S

                                                                             Sanitary pressure transducers are used for liquid level measurement

These sanitary pressure transducers provide continuous data of liquid level, and we can see them applied in water tanks, city water supply, irrigation, refinery, metallurgy, glass factory, sewage dispose center, reservoir and etc.



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