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What Borehole Water Level Sensors Available for Deep Wells

May 12, 2021

Borehole water level sensors are devices specialized for boreholes, deep well etc, and generally we have two different sensors for such applications.

Our customers from Brazil, Peru prefer a borehole water level sensor as the below Figure 1 shows. This is a water level meter with a tape reel. When its probe detects the water surface, warning buzzers will sound so we will know the distance from the water surface to the borehole or well mouth by reading the value shown directly on the display.

The other choice we provide is a submersible water level sensor as Figure 2. It is immersed in water, and detects the level from the borehole or well mouth to the water surface. A matching instrument would show the measured data directly.


                                   Borehole water level sensors are used for deep well and borehole measurement

For these two borehole water level sensors, the max measuring range is both 500m, which is definitely within the measuring range of a borehole or a deep well. Both provide accurate measurement and users can choose according to their own applications.


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