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What are the Features of Electronic Pressure Switches

May 07, 2021

Electronic pressure switch is an intelligent digital product that integrates pressure measurement, display, output and control functions.

Features of Electronic Pressure Switches

The following are the features of our electronic pressure switches.

◆ 4-digit display of the current pressure value.

◆Pressure preset switch point and hysteresis switch output

◆The switch value can be set from zero to full scale.

◆The shell is equipped with nodal action light-emitting diodes for easy observation.

◆Key-press adjustment and on-site setting of various parameters, easy to operate.

◆2-channel switch output, with a load capacity of 1.2A.

◆Analog output (4~20mA).

                                                        Electronic pressure switches are used for pressure measurement and control

With the wide application range, electronic pressure switches are commonly used in hydraulic pressure control,industrial automation control, level control and etc.


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