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Submersible Borehole Level Sensor for Farm Management

November 17, 2020

Probably it is time for Mrs.Black to own a submersible borehole level sensor for her farm. She recently has drilled 2 more wells so she have more water to support her farm. So she seriously need a device to help her thus she can know how much water is available and if it is enough.

Submersible Borehole Level Sensor for Farm Management

As you may know that the range of submersible borehole level sensor can reach up to 500m (approximately 1640 feet), which definitely meets the requirement of her wells which are around 40 meters (approximately 131 feet). The sensor is attached to a long cable which is then lowered down to the bottom of the wells. According to the principle that the pressure is proportional to the depth of the water, the actual height of the liquid level above the sensor probe can be directly measured, and the distance from the water surface to the wellhead can be also indirectly obtained. So Mrs. Black can keep monitoring the water condition inside the deep well. And it is also very easy for her to install, just hanging it via a suspension wire.


                                                                             submersible borehole level sensor are used for water measurement


Different from other type of sensor, this submersible borehole level sensor is equipped with a specially designed venting tube to compensate under such depth, which help maintain the integrity of the readings.


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